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Adam Znaidi

Adam Znaidi is a London based Moroccan British multi-instrumentalist. He has released

two EP's: 'Pageant Smile' and 'Computer News'. Both are cosmic space rides through a

technicolour wormhole of psychedelic jazz rock, with nods to 70s fusion and modern

Brainfeeder adjacent electronica. He is currently touring with a two piece live band.

Adam spent his early years listening to everything from Khaled to Frank Zappa, Umm

Kulthum to Leonard Bernstein and every conceivable strange and beautiful sound in

between. He is best known for co-forming experimental band The Physics House Band.

He also plays bass for The Go! Team and has founded Wes Banderson - an orchestra

that performs the scores from Wes Anderson movies. His previous projects have played

KEXP, The Chris Gethard show in New York, as well as shows across the US, Japan,

Europe and the UK, as well as garnering over 2M streams worldwide.

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