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Zag Erlat (aka Zagor), London based music producer, DJ, and filmmaker is also the person behind the Youtube channel ‘My Analog Journal’, was born and raised in  Istanbul, Turkey.

Back in 2015, Zag, being passionate about film photography, would go on a lot of trips in the countryside where he would take a lot of pictures using analog cameras. He would then post them on the YouTube and Instagram accounts, called ‘My Analog Journal’ precisely after the analog photography.

He started having guest DJ on the channel to differentiate his content and having residencies at Netil Radio (monthly), and occasional gigs in Brilliant Corners, Mare Street Market and The Jago.

Among his influences, he lists celebrated BBC Radio 6 DJ Gilles Peterson, Le Mellotron DJ Quantic, Habibi Funk CEO Jannis Stürtz, and rare records collector Viktor Kiswell.

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